Good Life Aquatics exists to provide healthy, quality fish to your home. We started as hobbyists with a few tanks in the spare bedroom, and quickly expanded into a full-time small business. Currently, we are building a fish barn and have over twenty varieties of fancy guppies (poecilia reticulata), platies (xiphophorus) and endlers (poecilia wingei). We have recently formed a partnership with Endler Ark to bring you purebred endlers certified by the Endler Breeder Association (EBA), so stayed tuned for even more colorful options!

Our fish are birthed among live plants in reverse osmosis water and raised in the tanks they are born in until sexing. We select for traits desirable in the breed line, but we don’t cull odd fish, we just sell them at a low price as assorted packs, or recessive gene packs. Our fish eat like royalty with live baby brine shrimp, small fish and fry food, fluval bug bites, and occasional flake food. When it comes time to ship, usually at 2-4 months of age, we do everything we can to ensure safe, harmless travel. 72-hour heat packs are included when needed. If you have any trouble with your order just let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service- you’ll hear from either one of us within a day!

Our fish lines breed for generations before we release them to the public, to ensure we give you our highest standards. If you buy a breeding pair or trio, we want the offspring to look exactly like the breeders! Our goal is perfection, and although that isn’t always obtainable, we try our best.

In the future we hope to expand our number of tanks of existing lines, while adding some more interesting varieties of colors and patterns. We are constantly learning, growing, and evolving. We look forward to continuing to share the world of freshwater tropical fish with you.