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Blue Ramshorn Snails


Blue Ramshorn Snail

Juveniles now, your snails will grow over time to achieve the size of a small apricot. At 2-3 months old, they are currently the approximate size of a dime. This ad is for three snails.

These blue ramshorn snails do a great job keeping a tank clean by eating uneaten food, dead or decaying plant matter, debris, detritus, and soft algae buildup on hard surfaces.

Snails are sold in sets of three ($4 each), but we can work with you if you would like more.

We do not guarantee sex nor breeding potential.

These snails are raised in fresh well water, never city water.

Blue Ramshorn:

We ship on Mondays to avoid weekend delays. Live fish are shipped in breather bags in insulated boxes. A heat pack may be including based on need.

We reserve the right to delay shipping if the temperatures in the start or end locations are too hot or too cold for the safety of the fish. We will notify you if we delay shipping.

Products are shipped to the United States and U.S. outlying territories only. We cannot ship internationally at this time.

By default, we use USPS Priority, but you may choose to upgrade to UPS Overnight for an additional charge dependent on your location. 

If you have any questions about shipping or packaging, feel free to contact us at

We take pride in the fact our items are of the highest quality and optimal health.  In the rare event of a DOA, send 2 clear photos of the DOA item in its unopened package within two hours of the first delivery attempt and you will be awarded credit toward your next purchase. Shipping is nonrefundable. Credit does not extend to extra product if included. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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