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Red Asian Fancy Endlers


Poecilia Wingei- Red Asian Fancy Endler

These guppies have small bodies perfect for nano tanks, yet their vibrant colors ensure they stand out in a crowd. Genetically similar to our Red Asian Endlers, they differ in their patterns and colors: the fancy endlers have patches of various colors and patterns and no two are alike! Juveniles now, your endlers will establish their colors within a few months. Males mature to 1 inch and have a primarily red (orange) body with various color spots and unique body and fin patterns. Females mature to 1.5 inches and have a more modest silver body with a light blue tail and dorsal. These hardy fish are adaptable to both community living and small groups.

Juveniles now, your endlers will grow and establish their colors and size within a few months. We offer different ratios of gender: pairs, trios, and frys. A pair is one male and one female, a trio is two females and one male, and frys are unsexed. Please note that ratios are dependent on availability and may not be currently in stock. If you would like to request a different ratio of male to female fish or you would like to know approximately when the ratio you want will be stocked, please email us at

Your fish are born in the U.S. and are raised with extreme care by Good life Aquatics. They live in pure PNW well water with a PH of 7.4, TDS 250. Their diet consists of high quality fish foods, Ark BioRite, and daily baby brine shrimp. 

All young are birthed into their own aquarium and raised there for two months or until sexing. We do not use breeder cages or continuously use nets to move our fish to other tanks. All of our tanks have sand bottoms, matten filters, and are home to live plants. This includes our thriving Pistia Stratiotes (water lettuce), where, among its large roots, the dames birth healthy fry.

Having originally brought these in from Thailand in 2019, we can't 100% guarantee bloodlines. Future generations may display variants, such as shorter fins or color spots. 

Good Life Aquatics prides itself on the health and welfare of your fish. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us! 


We ship on Mondays to avoid weekend delays. Live fish are shipped in breather bags in insulated boxes. A heat pack may be including based on need.

We reserve the right to delay shipping if the temperatures in the start or end locations are too hot or too cold for the safety of the fish. We will notify you if we delay shipping.

Products are shipped to the United States and U.S. outlying territories only. We cannot ship internationally at this time.

By default, we use USPS Priority, but you may choose to upgrade to UPS Overnight for an additional charge dependent on your location. 

If you have any questions about shipping or packaging, feel free to contact us at

We take pride in the fact our items are of the highest quality and optimal health.  In the rare event of a DOA, send 2 clear photos of the DOA item in its unopened package within two hours of the first delivery attempt and you will be awarded credit toward your next purchase. Shipping is nonrefundable. Credit does not extend to extra product if included. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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